What to do 10 weeks before a ballroom dance competition

Ballroom dance competitions are fun ways to show-off everything that you have learned in your ballroom dance classes. You can compete with your teacher or with your partner. Everyone competes only against other competitors in the same age range and dance skill level.

Faina and Bob dancing at the Dance O Rama Ballroom Dance Competition in ViennaHere are some tips on things to prepare for 10 weeks before your next ballroom dance competition.

1. Decide which competitions to enter.

This will help you and your teacher determine which dances to focus on.

2. Schedule regular dance lessons.

With frequent practice you will feel more and more confidant in your dancing.

3. Schedule practice time for yourself at home or at the gym.

Reviewing from your memory or a video of you and your teacher dancing is a great way to solidify the movement in your body and quickly increase your performance level.

4. Plan your costume.

As your competition routines develop your teacher will want to know what costume you wil be wearing so they can choreograph moves that look great on you and in your costume. Your Arthur Murray dance teacher will help you choose a costume as well as hair, make-up and accessories.

5. Watch a video from your last dance competition.

Practicing your dancing in front a mirror is very helpful for feedback while you are dancing. Watching a video provides a different kind of feedback that is also tremendously valuable because you are not also trying to dance at the same time. If you don’t’ have a video from your last performance or have not comepted before, try to have a friend video tape you. Most ballroom dance competitions now have professional videographers who can focus on you during your competition.

6. Ask for time off of work if you need it.

A weekend ballroom dance competition requires a lot of energy. You may want to consider taking Friday or Monday off of work so you can be at your best on the dance floor and at work.

Thanks for reading and if you have more helpful hints, feel free to write them in the comments below.

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