Videos from Ballroom Dances and other events

Here are some fun videos of our ballroom dance students and teachers sharing the joys of ballroom dancing.

Genie and Pavel compete in the Ballroom Dances at Empire State Dance Sport Championships

International Standard Dance Competition at Empire State Dance Sport Championships

Arthur Murray teachers, Ricardo and Iraida, perform a breathtaking Bolero Dance. Spring Ballroom Showcase 2012.

In the video below two ballroom dance students share their experiences about how ballroom dancing has enhanced their lives.

Arthur Murray ballroom dance teachers perform a Cha Cha dance at our Columbus Circle Grand opening dance party.

Enjoy a brief tour of our Columbus Circle Ballroom Dance Center. At Arthur Murray Dance Centers you will have the best ballroom dance facilities anywhere. We provide high class ballroom dance studios including beautiful wood floors, floor to ceiling mirrors and the very important temperature control.