Introduction to Info Art

info art

Introduction to Info Art

Info art is one of the emerging forms of art today. This term is used to define visual information which is produced by artists. Info art is also known as visual communication, digital art, visual culture, and visual representation. This is a broad spectrum of human activity that include beauty, technical ability, aesthetic sensibility, creative intuition, or conceptual thought.

In general, artists create visual information in three ways. The first is through painting, sculpture, video, or film; the second is through performance such as performing arts, music, dance, literature, motion graphics, installations, workshops and visual communications. Visual art is therefore not limited to visual fields; it also encompasses all the other types of arts. Visual artists are those who produce visual art, for instance, sculptors create sculptures and paintings using a variety of mediums.

Info art is also considered as the junction of technology and art. It combines two fields to enhance their unique potential and communicate their message effectively to their audiences. The use of technology has increased due to the increase of technological gadgets such as cameras, mobile phones, laptops, and camcorders. Art enthusiasts are using different techniques and tools to make their creations more attractive and informative.

Information art is made of texts, images, sounds, and video. It can be collected from any source like books, magazines, newspapers, audio tapes, computer and television shows, and internet. Texts, illustrations, logos, clipart, and photos can be combined in order to provide greater impact and clarity to its contents. Images are either placed static or moving objects. They can represent general concepts like facts and figures or they can represent unique visual information.

Informational visual art is becoming a major component of the visual culture of today. The purpose of the art is not to display the aesthetic and artistic details but to communicate specific information in a new way. Visual artists use different kinds of media including photography, drawings, film, and sculpture in order to make a visual representation of the abstract concepts.

A lot of factors have contributed to the emergence of info art. Different forms of art like music, movies, and television are influencing the way we perceive and collect art. Even though information art still have some limits as far as its acceptance is concerned, it has definitely paved way for an expansion of visual art in the society. Therefore, it can be said that visual art had really played a vital role in the development of mankind.