Live Dealer Games – Pros & Cons

The best live casinos online is full of options to maximise your playing experience, and does a good job replicating the real-life casino experience. Say goodbye to that lonely, bored feeling of slot machines, and welcome to a whole new modernised realm of live casino gaming. Live online casinos are becoming more popular as gaming technology advances. Not only do they offer more games, but they also offer a better variety. You can get the same slots games you would find in the real world, but in your pajamas. What could be better?

But of course, not all live casino experiences are a winner, or even real. Some are horrible. One big issue with the land-based casinos is that they don’t have the benefit of real-time gambling action. It’s all about timing and strategy, rather than luck. In a live casino experience there is always the element of chance, but this is taken out of the equation with the online games.

Another big issue is that land-based casinos are typically staffed by real people. This means that although the games are fast-paced and a little random, there is that element of human interaction that reduces the chance of players getting a negative reaction or getting hacked. Online dealers are often just software programs, which have no emotions whatsoever. A live casino online site is the equivalent of an online supermarket – just without the real-world physical shops, customer service and in-store clerks.

One of the biggest draw-backs of playing live casino games online is the fact that there is no option for playing old favourites. Old favourites like blackjack and roulette simply don’t work any more due to their simplicity and lack of interactivity. In addition, these games require specific rules or else they will not work at all. New games like bingo and poker require a good deal of strategy and skill in order to win, making them less appealing to newer players.

The final disadvantage of gambling through a casino online is that one needs to trust the dealer. There is no way to tell if the dealer is fair or actually a con artist. Trusting the dealer is paramount to the best gambling experience. One is forced to open up their wallet in order to pay the bills and the fees. There is nothing wrong with paying a small fee to play at a real casino, but the fact that the player is completely entrusting their personal information and gaming chips into the hands of strangers is not a positive experience at all.

Live blackjack and baccarat games offer an excellent alternative to playing on a live casino floor. In addition, live dealer games offer the opportunity to observe other players and learn from their mistakes. However, the disadvantages of roulette and blackjack make it an inferior choice for people who want a true gambling experience.