Types of Art


Types of Art

Art is an umbrella term for many things. It can be seen in everything from architecture and paintings to sculptures and music. However, art is much more than what you see. Art is an ever-changing collection of human action including creativity, beauty, emotion, or other creative senses. In addition, art is an interactive process where the artist plays an active role in changing the work of someone else.

One of the most popular forms of art is sculpture. Sculpture is the assembling of materials to create something new and different. The most famous sculptors include Rembrandt, Michelangelo and Andy Warhol, who each used his own unique style of sculpture.

Public Art is generally considered the area where anything artistic is placed on a structure or in a public space. Public art can take the form of art pieces hung in public places, such as museums or art galleries, or it can be created on a much larger scale, such as an art installation. Public art often creates controversy because of the fact that most cities try to control where public art goes by requiring that artistic venues get permits before displaying the works of the artists. Critics have argued that this form of censorship denies people the ability to experience new media forms and ideas. Some cities have even passed laws against displaying public art in certain areas.

Visual art is any type of artwork that is created entirely by the senses. This includes paintings, photographs, and other types of visual art. While these art forms have been around for centuries, they are becoming increasingly popular with the increase of technology and the availability of computer programs that can virtually recreate the visual experience. This type of artwork is often presented in museums, galleries, and other venues.

Decorative art has evolved into a wide variety of styles and types. Classical art is decorative art that pays close attention to the visual elements of a work of art and attempts to provide a pleasing overall appearance. This type of decorative artwork is most often made from metals, ceramics, and pottery. Other types of decorative art include furniture coverings, wall hangings, and lampshades. In modern times, abstract expressionism has become a popular style of decorative art. This type of work typically exhibits a lack of focus to particular content, such as an excessive use of geometric patterns or color.

Non-objective and subjectivistic arts are forms of art that do not attempt to express a specific message or represent a particular situation. The focus is not on the content of a work, but on how the work is produced and the viewer’s interpretation of it. These types of artwork are widely used to convey specific social messages. Many critics argue that non-objective artwork lacks the depth or richness of visual arts and therefore, its purpose is more as a decorative piece than an expression of meaningful ideas or emotions.